That Kind of Love


Your love was just never enough.

I deserved more than you were giving.

I wanted more than you were offering.

I demanded more from what you were saying.

We had love but I was the only one loving.

Noun and verb are both required.

The noun without the verb and we are just friends.

The verb without the noun and we are just lovers.

I want a friend and lover not one or the other.

I deserve the kind of love that writes songs.

Not just love but admiration and adoration.

The kind of love that makes your heart smile.

Give that Barack look at Michelle,

That Ossie look at Ruby Dee; kind of love.

Not lust, but longing,

Not a desire to taste but savor me, kind of love.

The kind of love that makes you want to,

meet my parents.

And say thank you.

That kind of love would be enough.