A physical apology


Rough hands on my smooth skin causing my nerve endings to stir as he pushes his tongue past my lips with mint flavored kisses and his 5 o’clock shadow harsh against my tender labret causing the early stars of twilight to dance beneath my lids.

Everything moves so fast in slow motion, clothing removed at the speed of sound, my satin fibers gliding across his natural cotton until we are rubbing skin against skin in a delicate torture, increasing room and body temperatures.

This naked dance of heated, hot, nasty kisses, licking sweat to satisfy our thirst from the days of the dry, barren, parched landscape of our bodies. We use our mouths to increase lubrication to reduce the impending friction.

Days of soundless interaction are now a crescendo of lust until the pounding of the blood flow in my ears is deafening, the scream upon entry and the hammering of every thrust is so loud when bodies are under construction, building a climax is not silent work.

Just like that, everything is reset, a temporary impasse to an otherwise uneventful day, two frustrated people going on their way, conflict resolution at its finest, solutions provided with no allocutions.

Physical connection is sometimes all that is needed to really say,

I’m sorry.